L8 Previz Design Challenge 2024


Get ready for the highly anticipated L8 Previz Design Challenge 2024!

Are you prepared to showcase your talent and creativity in lighting design?
This annual competition is your chance to dazzle the world with your stunning visuals and lighting concepts while competing for fantastic prizes. Elevate your L8 skills to new heights and embark on a journey of continuous learning. Join now and become one of the shining stars in the vibrant L8 community!

The L8 lighting visualizer stands out as an outstanding software package designed for stage lighting design and the real-time visualization of live shows. It provides unmatched realism and speed, enabling users to preview DMX-controlled objects, lasers, pyrotechnics, and other effects in a highly realistic virtual environment.

CHALLENGE: 04/04/2024 - 19/05/2024

Choose one of the 3 levels based on the required elements used in your project. Make sure your project includes all required elements for the chosen level. You can also use any other elements available in the L8 software suite. Note: you can enter only one level.

    License: any L8 license
    Location: Club/Stage
    Must use:
  • Animated Characters
  • Limit of maximum 150 fixtures
L8 Prize fund - 8800 EUR!
  • Only use the latest version of L8 (v63)
  • No custom-made fixtures allowed
  • Only 1 video submission allowed per participant
  • Video title should be L8previz2024 - your name
  • A maximum of 120 seconds
  • Minimum video resolution is FHD-1080p
  • The video must be shared to YouTube and L8 Facebook group
  • Video description must include:
    - Hashtag #L8previz2024
    - L8 license
    - Contest Level (1/2/3)
    - Fixtures List
    - Music Credits
  • Deadline for submission is May 19, 2024, 23:59 local time of the contestant. Videos published after this date will not count.
  • Contestants from Russia and Belarus are not eligible to participate.
the winners will be chosen based on votes from respected experts and participants of the competition. Entries will be judged based on Screenplay, Lighting design, Programming, and Filming. Additionally, there will be a Popular Choice award, which will be determined by the video with the most likes on Facebook. We ask that all participants show proper respect to their fellow competitors and refrain from engaging in any dishonest practices to gain likes or views.

winners will be announced May 31, 2024 (Friday) in L8 Facebook group

by entering this challenge, you are fully acknowledging to L8 LLC that you have the legal right to use all submitted material, including any audio, video, or other content that you use and/or publish in your entry. You further acknowledge that you have provided full and proper credits (where proper credits are due) to any third-party material used in your entry. You agree that L8 LLC may post your entry link on their website in addition to making it available through any other form of communication. You further agree that L8 LLC may use your video for publishing, advertising, and other purposes royalty-free, including, but not restricted to, the Challenge.