L8 Previz Battle 2021


BATTLE: 11/03/2021 - 11/04/2021

3 weight classes according to your L8 license:

  • Heavyweight class - TRACE/UNLIM
  • Middleweight class - NetIn/MEDIA
  • Lightweight class - CE/CE2/CE3



  • Only the latest L8 v61
  • No fixtures limit
  • Real equipment (no non-standard fixtures)
  • Only 1 video submission:

- both Facebook and YouTube - "L8battle21 - your name"
- maximum 188 seconds
- tag #L8battle21
- share to L8 Facebook group

  • Video description:

- list of equipment

    - L8 license level

- music credits

  • Deadline is April 11, 23:59 your local time. All videos published after this date will not apply to the Battle.

The L8 team and some honored experts select the winners in all weight categories.
We will judge Screenplay, Lighting design, Programming and Filming.
Popular Choice winner will be awarded for the Facebook most liked video
please be honest and show your proper respect to other competitors.

Winners will be announced April 30 (Friday) at the L8 Facebook group.

By entering this Battle, you are fully acknowledging to L8 LLC
that you are the video creator/designer and possess the legal
rights concerning all submitted material, such as audio and video,
which you use and/or publish. You further fully acknowledge that
you have provided full and proper credits (where proper credits are due)
to L8 LLC. You agree that L8 LLC may post your entry link on their
website in addition to making it available to any other form of
communications. You further agree that L8 LLC may use your video for
publishing, advertising and other purposes royalty-free, including,
but not restricted to, the Battle.

#L8battle21 YouTube Playlist

Facebook Playlist

Finally! Since a month and a half the #L8Battle21 of the most creative
and progressive lighting designers is over! This year for the first
time we used weight categories, and also gave participants an opportunity
to vote. So we can admit it was a great idea, due to competition was very
intense and interesting! Thanks to all participants, we are pleased to
show the battle results table and announce winners: César Féraud,
Martin Kisilevich, Steve Giovanazzi, Alessandro Scotellaro,
Martin Eigenstetter, WangQi, Li Bo, Zhang Hua.
The Popular Choice award wins: Anton Skakun.

TPi magazine article