On February 24, the Russia launched a large-scale war against Ukraine. This war continues now, not only soldiers are dying, but also civilians and childrens. Our life, our Ukraine is being destroyed. Thanks to the unity of the Ukrainian nation and the support of the whole world, we managed to stop the aggressor and it has already become clear that Russia will not be able to win this war. We all understand well how important it is to live in peace, to respect the human right to life, freedom, the right to work, the opportunity to give to our children a happy future. We will do our best to stop the war and live in peace again, but while there is no peace in our country, as a sign of solidarity, we ask you to take part in our annual competition using only 2 CMY colors instead of 3 - the colors that have become a symbol for of the whole world in the struggle for peace - Cyan and Yellow. Details are below.

L8 Previz Design Challenge: 10/03/2022 - 10/04/2022

3 grades according to your L8 license:

  • High - TRACE/UNLIM
  • Midde - MEDIA
  • Elementary - CE/CE2/CE3



  • 1. Only the latest L8 v61
  • 2. Only the real equipment (no custom-made fixtures)
  • 3. Only Cyan and Yellow color channels allowed (no Magenta), plus White, somewhere magenta could be mixed to make Blue. However, you can use any material, video textures, etc.
  • 4. Only 1 video submission: - both Facebook and YouTube - "L8Ukraine - your name" - maximum 120 seconds - tag #L8Ukraine - share to L8 Facebook group
  • 5. Video description: - list of equipment - L8 license level - music credits
  • 6. Deadline is April 10, 23:59 your local time All videos published after this date will not apply to the Challenge.
  • 7. Contestants from Russia and Belarus are not allowed.

JUDGEMENT: The L8 team and some honored experts select the winners in all grades. We will judge Screenplay, Lighting design, Programming and Filming. Popular Choice winner will be awarded for the Facebook most liked video, please be honest and show your proper respect to other competitors.

AWARD CEREMONY: Winners will be announced April 28 (Thursday) at L8 booth D25-12.1 @PLS2022 and L8 Facebook group.

LEGAL NOTES: By entering this challenge, you are fully acknowledging to L8 LLC that you are the video creator/designer and possess the legal rights concerning all submitted material, such as audio and video, which you use and/or publish. You further fully acknowledge that you have provided full and proper credits (where proper credits are due) to L8 LLC. You agree that L8 LLC may post your entry link on their website in addition to making it available to any other form of communications. You further agree that L8 LLC may use your video for publishing, advertising and other purposes royalty-free, including, but not restricted to, the Challenge.

#L8Ukraine YouTube Playlist

#L8Ukraine Previz Design Challenge results