L8 Previz Design Challenge 2023


Are you ready for the annual L8 Previz Design Challenge in April 2023? 

Show off your talent and inspire others with your stunning visuals and lighting design ideas for a chance to win big prizes.

Take your L8 skills to the next level and never stop learning, join now and be one of the winners who shine in the L8 community!

CHALLENGE: 24/03/2023 - 24/04/2023

3 grades according to your L8 license:

  • High - TRACE/UNLIM
  • Midde - MEDIA
  • Elementary - CE/CE2/CE3.



  • Only the latest version of L8 (v62) may be used for creating the video.
  • Only real (no custom-made) fixtures can be used in the video.
  • Only one video submission is allowed with the title "L8previz2023 - [your name]". The video must be a maximum of 120 seconds and include the hashtag #L8previz2023. The minimum video resolution is HD1080. The video must be shared to the YouTube and L8 Facebook group
  • In the video description, contestants must include a list of the equipment used, their L8 license level, and credits for any music used in the video.
  • The deadline for submission is April 24, 2023, 23:59 local time of the contestant. All videos published after this date will not be considered for the challenge.
  • Contestants from Russia and Belarus are not eligible to participate.

JUDGEMENT: the winners in all categories will be selected by the L8 team and a panel of esteemed experts. Entries will be judged based on Screenplay, Lighting design, Programming, and Filming. Additionally, there will be a Popular Choice award, which will be determined by the video with the most likes on Facebook. We ask that all participants show proper respect to their fellow competitors and refrain from engaging in any dishonest practices to gain likes or views.

AWARD CEREMONY: winners will be announced May 8, 2023 (Monday) in L8 Facebook group

LEGAL NOTES: by entering this challenge, you are fully acknowledging to L8 LLC that you have the legal right to use all submitted material, including any audio, video, or other content that you use and/or publish in your entry. You further acknowledge that you have provided full and proper credits (where proper credits are due) to any third-party material used in your entry. You agree that L8 LLC may post your entry link on their website in addition to making it available through any other form of communication. You further agree that L8 LLC may use your video for publishing, advertising, and other purposes royalty-free, including, but not restricted to, the Challenge.

#L8previz2023 YouTube Playlist

We are delighted to announce the winners of the #L8Previz2023 contest!
Elementary grade: Thomas BERA - https://fb.watch/kozoSmQahJ/
Middle grade: Gaëtan Seurre - https://fb.watch/kozt46McDZ/
High grade: Anton Skakun - https://fb.watch/kozwg1-VbY/
Popular Choice: George Ivanenko - https://fb.watch/koAZkAnZl9/

Please find the score table below. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the judges, contestants, and everyone who participated in the popular choice vote. Thank you for your excellent work!

L8previz2023 - VOTES