DATES: 22/02/2020 - 23/03/2020

1st - TRACE L8 (plus 1 year Unlimited upgrade)
2st - TRACE L8
3rd - MEDIA L8
popular choice - L8 CE2

1. Only active L8 users (CE and above)
2. Only the latest L8 version
3. 512 fixtures limit
4. Only the real equipment, spaceships are not allowed)
5. Only 1 video submission
- both Facebook and YouTube
- "L8 Previz Challenge 2020 - your name"
- maximum 188 seconds
- tag L8
- share to L8 group
6. Video description
- list of equipment used in your Show
- L8 license level
- music credits
7. Deadline is March 23, 24:00 your local time
All videos published after this date will not apply to the challenge

The L8 team and some honored experts select 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.
We will judge Screenplay, Lighting design, Programming and Filming.
Popular Choice winner will be awarded for the Facebook most liked video.
Please be honest and show your proper respect to other competitors.

Winners will be announced April 3 (Friday) at the L8 Facebook group.

By entering this contest, you are fully acknowledging to L8 LLC
that you are the video creator/designer and possess the legal
rights concerning all submitted material, such as audio and video,
which you use and/or publish. You further fully acknowledge that
you have provided full and proper credits (where proper credits are due)
to L8 LLC. You agree that L8 LLC may post your entry link on their
website in addition to making it available to any other form of
communications. You further agree that L8 LLC may use your video for
publishing, advertising and other purposes royalty-free, including,
but not restricted to, the Challenge.

Congratulations to the winners "L8 Previz Challenge 2020" and thank everyone who participated in this event!
We are especially grateful to our dealers who participated in determining the fate of the winners.
This year it was difficult to judge your work, as almost all the contestants created beautiful and complex projects. But the L8 team was impressed by the work of 2 more contestants whose projects were not among the winners. And as L8 software developers, we decided to reward our favorites: Gabriele Pappalardo and Reinis Smiltenis!
We hope you continue to amaze the world with your creative projects!
TRACE L8 (plus 1 year Unlimited upgrade)
3rd - WANG QI
Popular choice - RON TZARFATI
L8 CE2
L8 choice
GABRIELE PAPPALARDO - 100 Euro (L8 Shop Voucher)
REINIS SMILTENIS - 100 Euro (L8 Shop Voucher)

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