L8 Features Pack 2020

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L8 Features Pack 2020

Upgrade your license to FP20!
This upgrade is exclusively available for USB dongle users.



FP20 is the second feature pack which adds some very up-to-date functionality. Here are the key features:

  1. MVR (My Virtual Rig) file support. The My Virtual Rig format is a file format that is used to share data for a scene between a lighting console, a visualizer, a CAD program or similar tools. This allows transferring parametric and geometric data between different programs.

“The addition of the MVR file format to the already stellar L8 software is great,” says LD Collyns Stenzel. “In my workflow, the MVR file format has taken the place of all other file formats that L8 is capable of 3DL, FBX, 3DS. The imports are very high quality with almost no loss in resolution of textures, which makes it easy to export your design from software such as Vectorworks into L8 in minutes instead of hours.”

The particles engine

  1. The Particles engine and special effects library (CO2, Fire, Smoke, etc.). Particles are not just effects, they act and interact with a 3D environment. The L8 software calculates correct volumetric light on particles, obstacle collision physics, gravity, and more.

Confetti effects float in the air with the animated characters

“Very similar to the Animated Characters, the particle effects that have been implemented in FP20 are a very welcome addition to the software,” says Stenzel. “No more will the users have to rely on 2D animations with Alpha over NDI to get that desired flame or confetti look. I am greatly impressed by how great the particle engine looks in my designs. The flame units are very realistic, and the confetti is extremely life like. Hats off to the dev team on this one. Keep up the amazing work!”

PLSN magazine article

More FP20 developments:

-SCAFFOLD library
-MIRRORS in Media license
-Light Emission (Direct Illumination)
-Camera Focus
-1000 Fixtures per project in Trace license

This upgrade is exclusively available for USB dongle users.

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