L8 Features Pack 2019

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L8 Features Pack 2019

Upgrade your license to FP19!
This upgrade is exclusively available for USB dongle users.



L8 is very thankful to all of its users and fans for their continuous support, including ideas, advice, and purchases. The LC product was previously advertised as free from yearly fees, as you know. We did that because we are passionate believers in helping the industry grow, and that is true for L8 as well.

At this moment, we can say that the L8 product will continue to be supported without fees, but some changes must be made. We will separate the product technology that you currently know from the new technologies that we will unveil in the future. These new technologies will be automatically added to new licenses.

For other users, it will be possible to purchase them as separate Feature Packs (FP). For example, upgrading a license to FP19 means that some new technologies added in the year 2019 will be available for that license. However, this depends on the type of license itself (video works starting from Media, automation started from Trace, etc.).

Some key technologies must be shared with everyone to help the product grow. That’s why L8 users will always receive the core and library updates without any fees. There are no version numbers such as 2019, 2020, etc. You will always have the topmost fully updated version to use.

It will be an interesting journey into the technology-advanced future world, and we thank you all for your continued support.
Sincerely yours, the L8 LLC team.

ACX Concept of Eurovision UKRAINE - Solovey

FP19 contains:
 NDI texture inputs
 800 Fixtures per project in Trace license
 Animated Characters library
 Symbols library
 .3ds and .fbx file formats
 DMX recording

This upgrade is exclusively available for USB dongle users.