L8 CE2

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L8 CE2

Community Edition license.



L8 CE2 is a newly introduced product in the world of three-dimensional visualization.

The second Community Edition license of the well-known L8 product is available at an unbeatable price of €250. This license differs from the full commercial version in that it does not require a USB dongle and support and updates are limited to one year from the date of activation. There are also some restrictions on the number of DMX inputs and fixtures that can be used. However, the L8 CE2 license uses the same code and libraries as the full L8 software and can be easily unlocked with a USB dongle.
The L8 CE2 may be a good solution for professional users who need to use the software simultaneously on a pre-programming workstation, as well as anyone else involved in the process of creating the show. For those who want to experience the full power of L8 visualization technology, this is the first step to take.

Review by Amir Cohen @ACX

+ 128 fixtures limitation.
+ 4 universes of DMX input with Art-Net or sACN protocols.
+ 8 Lasers inputs
+ Animated Characters library
+ Animated 3D Textures (cyclic animation of any texture).
+ Mirror reflection surfaces.
+ DMX output with Art-Net or additional USB interface.
+ Built in Onboard Show Control.
+ Paperwork

System requirements
-CPU Intel/AMD
-Videocard nVidia/AMD (not Intel)
-RAM 8+ Gb
-Windows 10,11

After payment is confirmed, the serial number will be sent to you via email. If you used "Buy a Serial now!", it usually takes 5-30 minutes to receive the email. However, if you use "Add to Cart" to checkout at the store, it may take up to one business day.

Please note that the serial number can only be used on one computer. Once you have registered the software, it is not possible to change the Windows operating system, computer name, or hardware configuration (except for the video card). 

After activation, you will receive updates and technical support for one year. After the first year, you can continue to use the software "as is" without receiving support or new libraries.

Please follow these simple rules to activate your license properly:
1. Activate the license on the computer where you intend to use the software.
2. Make sure you have a genuine Windows license as hacked Windows may cause you to lose activation.
3. Ensure that Windows and all hardware drivers are up to date.
4. Download and install the L8 software.
5. If you have a third-party antivirus, add the c:\L8_ folder to the list of trusted folders. This step is not necessary for the standard Windows Defender.
6. Launch the L8 software, enter the serial number, your username or company name, a valid email address, and select any PIN to unlock your license

*the software takes into account the name of your primary hard drive. Please note that if you are booting with a connected USB drive, this may cause the name of the primary hard drive to be incorrect. To avoid any issues, make sure to disconnect all USB drives when starting the software.

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