Trace->6 Months Unlimited L8

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Trace->6 Months Unlimited L8

6 Months License upgrade from Trace to Unlimited.



6 Months License upgrade from Trace to Unlimited.

Now you can upgrade any type of license to the Unlimited level for a six-month term.
At the end of this temporary upgrade, your license will revert back to its original level.

+ 2000/4000 fixtures per project.
+ Video Texturing with advanced playback (DMX controlled, 1,3,4,12 channels mode).
+ Animated 3D Textures (cyclic animation of any texture).
+ Volume transparency feature (effects such as hard smoke, rain, snow, fire, etc).
+ Mirror reflection surfaces.
+ Dynamic Layers (objects moving by DMX).
+ Moving objects collision detection.
+ Animate a Camera on a Path.
+ 2 Video Outputs to Stereo Projectors, additional Monitors with up to 18 Virtual Cameras.
+ Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support.