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Trace L8

Dynamic Show Production.



L8 Trace is a cutting-edge real-time visualizer software designed for lighting and entertainment professionals. It offers all the advanced features of L8 Media and many additional capabilities to cater to the most demanding projects.

With unique features such as Light Reflection (Indirect Illumination), L8 Trace is an ideal tool for creating complex and visually stunning lighting designs with mirrors. The software also supports dynamic layers, allowing objects to move by DMX, and lets you animate a camera on a path. Additionally, L8 Trace offers video output to an additional monitor with up to 9 virtual cameras.

L8 Trace provides access to a comprehensive set of advanced features and capabilities that help you achieve your creative vision with ease and efficiency. It is a must-have tool for any lighting and entertainment professional looking to push the boundaries of their work and bring their vision to life.

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+ Features Packs 2019,20,21,22,23,24
+ Annual Updates and Support
+ 1000 fixtures per project
+ DMX input with Art-Net, sACN, VC, ACDI, Hog 3/4 (bidirectional), MA-Net 2/3 protocols
+ Built in Onboard Show Control.
+ DMX output with Art-Net
+ DMX profiles Constructor
+ Video Input with capturing cards
+ NDI texture inputs
+ Animated Characters
+ Particles engine and special effects library (CO2, Fire, Smoke, etc.)
+ Video Texturing (DMX controlled, 1,3,4 channels mode)
+ Lasers visualization for Pangolin and Lasergraph
+ Virtual Reality (Oculus)
+ Dynamic Layers (objects moving by DMX)
+ Animate a Camera on a Path
+ 1 Video Output to additional Monitor (Multi-GPU) with up to 9 Virtual Cameras

System requirements
- CPU Intel/AMD
- 1-2 Videocards nVidia/AMD (not Intel)
- RAM 16+ Gb
- Windows 10,11
- 1-2 HDR400+ monitors

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Art-Net, sACN Yes
Hog 3/4 (bidirectional) Yes
Video Texturing Yes
Lasers visualization Yes
Dynamic Layers Yes
Fixtures per project 1000
Onboard Show-Control Yes
Video Zones 1
Country of Manufacture Ukraine