Net L8

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Net L8

3D visualization with ArtNet/sACN and onboard control.



L8 license to play with Lighting.

+ Basic 3D operation.

+ DMX input with Art-Net or sACN protocols, or with additional USB interface.

+ DMX output with Art-Net or additional USB interface.

- No Video Texturing.

- No visualization of Lasers.

- No Dynamic Layers (no objects moving by DMX).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Art-Net, sACN Yes
Hog 3/4 (bidirectional) No
Video Texturing No
Lasers visualization No
Mirrors visualization No
Dynamic Layers No
Remote Texturing and Control No
Tracking Head, Tracking Performers, Output TUIO No
Fixtures per project 512
Onboard Show-Control Yes
Video Zones No
Country of Manufacture Ukraine