Dongle replace to L8

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Dongle replace to L8




Since 2013 we began shipping a new small round “button” style license dongle as part of our committed focus towards a completely new generation of our visualization engine.

The newer button style dongle also importantly provides a very high level of protection which is an absolute and necessary part of our future development focus.

Please note that if you have an old generation orange or blue thumb style dongle, you will be able to keep using it and the visualization engine will remain v57 (2015).

However, if you would like to exchange your old generation dongle for a new generation L8 dongle and use full power of the new visualization engine with Features Pack 2019, the cost is 450 Euro.

Note: The new L8 dongle carries a 2 Year Hardware Warranty. In case of failure after the 2 Year Hardware Warranty period expires, the dongle will be replaced as per terms in the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Please do not forget to tell us your old serial number. It can be found on the welcome screen of the software version 57.
We will ask you to destroy your old dongle after you receive a new one.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Ukraine