The L8 lighting visualizer is an exceptional software package for stage lighting design and real-time visualization of live shows. It offers unparalleled realism and speed, allowing you to preview DMX-controlled objects, lasers, pyrotechnics, and other effects in a photorealistic virtual environment.

In addition to its stunning visuals, L8 features a powerful built-in DMX software lighting control sequencer, which enables you to design, program, and run shows all in one platform. With the ability to create and save scenes, tracks, groups, and shows, and trigger them with a keyboard or external MIDI console, L8 is a must-have tool for any lighting professional looking to take their stage design to the next level.

      CE     CE2     CE3     MEDIA     TRACE     UNLIM  
  ArtNet, sACN, VC universes 2 4 8 255 255 255
  HOG-4 universes 0 0 0 255 255 255
  MA-NET 2/3 universes* 0 0 0 255 255 255
  Laser inputs 0 8 8 255 255 255
  High quality Videoshots (mp4) Y Y Y Y Y Y
  Onboard show control Y Y Y Y Y Y
  Video texture playbacks 0 0 1 32 32 255
  Video texture inputs 0 0 1 12 12 12
  Animated 3D Textures Y Y Y n Y Y
  Mirrors Y Y Y n Y Y
  DMX Camera patch n n n Y Y Y
  DMX profiles Constructor n n n Y Y Y
  Moving objects, Camera path n n n n Y Y
  Moving objects collision alarm n n n n n Y
  Virtual cameras overall resolution 0 0 0 0 2 HD 4 HD
  Virtual Reality (Oculus, HTC Vive) n n n n n Y
  L8 watermark bottom-left Y Y Y n n n
  Annual Updates and Support 1 1 1 Y Y Y
*MA-NET must be used with MA hardware for parameters unlock.
3DS, FBX file import Y Y Y Y Y Y
NDI texture inputs - - 1 9 9 9
Animated Characters library - Y Y Y Y Y
 Symbols library (Trusses, Speakers, etc.)  Y Y Y Y Y Y
DMX recorder Y Y Y Y Y Y
Paperwork - Y Y Y Y Y
Fixtures per project 64 128 128 512 800 2000
*FP19 included in all licenses since 2019
MVR file import     Y Y Y Y
 Particles library (CO2, Pyro, Confetti, etc.)      - Y Y Y
Scaffold library     Y Y Y Y
Camera Focus     Y Y Y Y
Mirrors     - Y - -
Light Emission (Direct Illumination)     Y Y Y Y
Fixtures per project     - - 1000 -
*FP20 included in dongle licenses since 2020 and CE3
Light Reflection (Indirect Illumination)       - Y Y
Virtual Reality (Oculus, HTC)       Y Y
Animated 3D Textures  -  -  - Y
grandMA3 viz-key**       Y Y Y
Crowd of Characters       Y Y Y
Fixtures Thumbnail Browser       Y Y Y
Fixtures per project       - - 4000
*FP21 included in dongle licenses since 2021
**is only supported for dongles 2014+. If your serial starts with numbers less than 961 - contact us for clarification.
HDR output (BT.2020)       Y Y Y
HDR screen/videoshots (HDR, JXR, h265)       Y Y Y
Virtual Production crane (stYpe, Mo-Sys)       Y Y Y
Render to NDI       Y Y Y
Panoramic screen/videoshots (360, VR360)       Y Y Y
Fixtures TOP100 rating review       Y Y Y
HDRI environment       Y Y Y
*FP22 included in dongle licenses since 2022


 L8 integrated with Vectorworks, AutoCad, 3DSMax, Maya, Sketchup using 3DS/FBX/MVR file formats.

L8 rendering by Amir Cohen ACX - DJ BEN GUTER Live Stream @ Virtual MEGA World

"L8 is a tool designed for professionals to shape and develop their lighting design ideas and share them. It is also a critical part of the creation process. L8 provides an environment where ideas can be born and nurtured, regardless of whether they have been done before or not. Our software is developed to enable users of all skill levels in the industry to create their best work. Our users' ideas drive us to create the best product possible, from inception to realization. L8 works best when used by people who enjoy what they do."
- Dmytro Giventar (L8 product founder).

Discover L8, the powerful software for designing and controlling lighting shows in real-time. Whether you're an experienced lighting designer or just starting out, L8 is the perfect tool for bringing your vision to life.