6.1. Printing

L8 provides 5 reporting documents.
These are screen printing, printing a drawing of screen objects, and printing a bill of room objects.
Printing of the corresponding document is carried out from the "Print" menu
  • Screen: The content displayed in the 3D view is sent to the printer as it is.
  • Plot: Draws what is displayed in the 3D view in wireframe, adds a fixture list number, and sends it to the printer.
  • Report: Sends the fixture information used in the DMX editor as a list to the printer.
Another reportable type of documents is located directly in the Database_XXX folder - these are fixture.txt (fixtures) and furniture.txt (room objects) files.
Because these files are given in text form; it is convenient to use them to compose arbitrary custom reports.
And the fifth type of reporting documents is information output in Excel.
All print parameters imply printing only the visible area of the screen, therefore, to print a full specification or a complete drawing, you must select the appropriate camera angle so that all the necessary objects of the model are included in its field of view.
When you press any print key, L8 will ask for the name of the document, which will be placed in the bordering of the document, and will send the selected document for printing to the printer installed in Windows by default.
You cannot select another printer, therefore, before starting L8, in the system settings, you must set the printer on which you will print as the default printer.
Changing the installed default printer while running L8 does not change the current printer.
TIPS > For printing report documents, it is recommended to set up a virtual PDF printer so that you can select any paper size and save output drawings and specifications to disk.