L8 Software
  • 6. Paperwork

6. Paperwork

Although simple, the L8 has useful features for creating drawings and materials.
At the top right of the 3D view is a group of buttons that change the display mode of the 3D view.
·     2D: Fixture icons can be placed on the 2D grid separately from the 3D position. (HotKeys: F1)
·     3D: Display using the 3D rendering engine. (HotKeys: F2)
·     PAPER: Draws the surface of a 3D object in plain white and expresses shadows in a pattern.
You can also select a fixture to display a simple illuminance distribution. The range of illuminance distribution can be adjusted in the Room menu. (HotKeys: F3)
·     PLOT: Draws a 3D object in wireframe. (HotKeys: F4)
·     MAP: MAP mode is similar to PAPER mode, but you can simplify the shapes and specify a color code for each fixture to create materials that are closer to the drawing. (HotKeys: F5)
* Feature Pack 2019
TIPS > If you set the FOV of the Room menu to the minimum setting (1), the display will be similar to a flat 2D view, and you can create materials that are closer to the drawing. (HotKeys: 0 on the numeric keypad)
TIPS > Print Re-render what is displayed in the 3D view by typing the screen key or clicking the screenshot button, creating a working Database name folder inside the X: L8 \ _ScreenShots folder. , Save the jpg file with the time when the screenshot was executed as the file name.