L8 Software

4.4.5. Mesh

Mesh tool works with the polygon mesh of an object and allows to adjust the position in space of the selected vertex.
To work with vertices:
1. Select an object
2. Activate the Mesh tool - all model vertices will be highlighted in blue.
3. Select the desired vertex of the model - selected vertex turns red, and the screen changes to, similar to cutting planes
4. Change its position in space by dragging in desired position
Remember that changing the mesh of an object is performed with all object instances involved in the project, but not with the original object model.
If you need to add the edited model to the objects catalog, then use the procedure for exporting objects. To reset the changes made, use the button "Orig. Mesh".
This function is actively used when working with the 3D mapping engine to fit a virtual model to a real object.