L8 Software
Index Map UV to 3D

The texture applied to an object is usually applied to the surface by a UV map set for each object. UV maps cannot be edited in L8, but you can select the following two mapping methods to map textures regardless of the UV map.
Map XY - If you select this mapping, the texture will be projected in a loop over the XZ axis in the ROOM.
The size of one texture is approximately 1m square. In the Y-axis direction, the projected texture is mapped as if it were stretched.
Map View mapping is used in conjunction with the RECORD VIEW button.
When you select Map View mode, a white rectangle appears in the 3D view. When you enable RECORD VIEW, the image is displayed inside the rectangle. In this state, operate the viewpoint to adjust the texture for the selected object (or object group). At the time of this adjustment, you can work even if you close the Material Editor window once. After making the adjustments, cancel RECORD VIEW and confirm the texture mapping.
The rectangular aspect ratio that represents the texture range is "2.2651". This allows you to find the value of V with the formula
U = ((vertical ratio x2.2651) / horizontal ratio) x100 to match the horizontal: vertical ratio of the source
For example, in the case of the commonly used full HD angle of view 16: 9,
((9x2.09) / 16) x100 = 127.4118%