Layer Settings

A project can contain up to 255 layers of objects. Each layer can be shown or hidden by adding or temporarily removing it from the model.
In addition, layers can be used to simultaneously select different types of objects.
To assign the selected objects to a layer, click the Layer button to open the Layer popup window.
Select any layer number and click the Rename button to set the layer name.
Click the APPLY button to confirm the settings.
TIPS > Layer numbers are from 1 to 255. All objects are assigned to the "disable" layer (layer number 0) by default.
Layers are a useful feature for managing large groups of objects. Double-clicking any object in a layer will select all objects in the layer.
See detailed for the dynamic layer that controls the object with DMX.
The set layers can be managed in the select layer popup window that is displayed by clicking the SELECT LAYER button.