L8 Software
Index Channel Table Type

Destination types with multiple attributes use the channel table type.
The channel table type offers a variety of options, and you can assign each type to a channel to see the corresponding options.
For example, selecting the Shutter type will display the shutter speed option, and selecting the Prism type will display the prism selection and rotation options.
First, the Channel DMX table is the basis. Lines will be added for each attribute function. You can set 32 ​​lines x 8 per page and a maximum of 256 lines.
After selecting the line, select the related category prepared for each destination. 
For example, the Gobo destination has Gobo and Wheel categories. Select a category, click Preview, and select what you want to do.
For each line, you can set the DMX value by clicking the DMX button, and select either Linear or Step for the operation for the DMX value. 
The Linear type changes from the previous situation as the DMX value changes. The Step type changes when the DMX value reaches the set value.
Click the Rename button to set a name for each line in the Channel DMX table. 
You can also edit the DMX value and name quickly by double-clicking each line to open a simple window. 
Click the B / O button to make the selected line the default in ONBOARD CONTROL mode. For lines set to B / O, the background of the number is displayed in red.
Click the MENU button to see editing options for the Channel DMX table.
Clear: Erases the contents of the line. The line remains free.
Paste: Overwrite all lines with the contents of the channel copied in the Destination menu.
Duplicate: Duplicates the selected line, staggers subsequent lines, and inserts into the immediately following line.
Delete: Erase the entire line. Subsequent lines will be blocked forward.
Fill DMX: From the line set in B / O, the DMX value range of the selected line is evenly assigned by the number of lines included between the lines.